Our stunning foal from the mating of imported German Riding Pony stallion Black Charming and the Welsh B mare Buena Vista Fyona has been sold to Helena Shanal.Helena will take delivery of her after weaning.



DON"T BE LATE (by FS Don't Worry) is currently 3 years old and has been leased to Moorlands Equestrian to breed a foal by the lovely riding pony stallion Kamilaroi Lord of the Manor.We have learnt not to assume that the maiden mares will go in foal easily and stay pregnant so we see this as an ideal arrangement to get Della past maiden mare status while she is maturing.


WHY WORRY : 4 year old German Riding Pony cross Why Worry (by FS Don't Worry frozen semen) is now progressing well under saddle. Judy's first rides have been 6 years in the making but the wait seems to have been worth it! He currently is ~14 hands and unlikely to grow much more although he looks as though his wither still needs to come up a little. 

BUENA VISTA BRENIN the 14.2 hand gelding of Welsh B has partnered Judy back to competing at some local competitions after ~ 6 year break. Brenin is by the Welsh B stallion Kingswood magnet who we stood at Mansfield Park Ponies in the earlier years of our breeding program when we were experiencing so much difficulty getting the mares in foal using AI. 





Our German Riding Ponies going beautifully under saddle:


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