3 year olds Sonnenschein and Why Worry were good ambassadors for the GRP breed when they participated in a short demonstration segment on GRP's at the recent NSW Pony Championships. Thanks to Jenny Carrol for compering the segment and Scott Dowey for parading the gelding. It was a huge experience for ponies who don't usually live in stables and led to graze etc etc.

Why Worry(AKA Frank) was particularly settled considering he had never been to any kind of show before, reinforcing the desirability of the temperament that his famous sire FS Don't Worry seems to stamp on his progeny. Frank attracted his own special young fan club which was really cute to see.


Busy times here in Tamworth. We are preparing youngsters to take down to Sydney 13-14 October for a German Riding Pony display at the NSW Pony Championships and are currently trying to think strategically about the next phase of our horse enterprise.

heini-breaker-collage-1 Breeding is such a long term project it is a real milestone to have our first foal from our German Riding Pony breeding program old enough to be under saddle! And it is exciting to see his rhythm and paces under saddle and imagine how lovely he will be at maturity! Heinrich is approx 15.1 hands and has a soft pony temperament with horse length of stride!.