Black Charming is a premium licensed Weser Ems Pony-30 day performance tested. His sire is Black Dancer and his grandsire is Black Boy.Black Charming is 148cm (14.2 hands)

Below is a photo taken of Black Charmings first Australian progeny bred at Mansfield Park Ponies and born September 2013 (photo taken April 2014 with Kristen)


The sire of Cheval de Luxe is FS Champion de Luxe and his dam Dancing Flower is by Dressman so these are 2 very well known and successful bloodlines in the German Riding Pony breed.

Chevvy is 148.5 cm with shoes


FS Champion de Luxe is one of the enduring German Riding Pony stallions that had made a significant contribution to the development of the breed.

We consider ourselves very fortuneate to have bred a filly by FS Champion de Luxe and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces as her first foal(due September 2014).

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fschampiondeluxehead2-1   FS Champion De Luxe...

Below is a link to a video on You Tube of Champion De Luxe

Who wouldn't like having a filly trotting around in your back paddock like this one below by FS Champion de Luxe?!(Sonnenschein at 2)




Kingswood Magnet is a Welsh B stallion (registration number S-1908) who was born in 1996.


We purchased Kingswood Magnet  in 2008 from Meg and Ian Turner (Buena Vista stud) as we had a lot of trouble in our first breeding season getting our maiden mares in foal using AI and we were impressed with his progeny at Buena Vista. Magnet displays the characteristics we are particularly selecting for in our breeding program, those being temperament and 'bone'(substance), as well as lots of other positive qualities you can expect from such a well bred Welsh stallion.

Hilkens Black Delight is 14.1 hands and the sire of Heinrich.



dont_worry_side_pass   fsdontworryhd
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FS Don't Worry...


FS Don't Worry was born in 1995 and is quoted widely as being 147cm high(which translates to 14.2 hands and one quarter of an inch). He was well performed himself and now has a huge number of successful progeny both young and older.