This website has no category for foals (and dreams ) we lose so I have tucked Bertina in here with her paddock mates with tears in my eyes while I do it. Life can be very cruel sometimes....Bertina was the first second generation foal of our breeding program and was a delight to handle. Born 4/10/14 she was by the imported German Riding Pony stallion Black Charming out of Sonnenschein who is hersellf a frozen semen foal by one of the enduring influential stallions of the GRP breed FS Champion de Luxe. 

The name Bertina is a German name for 'bright and shining'. Bertie had been tested as heterozygous for the cream gene so she we referred to her colour as 'black buckskin' but we know other people have other names for her colour.We believe her 'different' colour just added to her charm! Rest in peace Bertie .........









NORTHWOOD GLAMOUR has produced a stunning bay filly by German Riding Pony Cheval de Luxe. We have named the filly CHANTERELLE as Judy always wanted to link her work in the mushroom industry and the horse enterprise so naming a pony after a mushroom species seemed to be how to do it!???


Mare by FS Don't Worry (frozen semen) born 6/11/10

GRP Sire (AI)

FS Don't Worry

FS Dacapo Doro Derano Gold B
FS Golden Sunlight Golden Dancer


Buena Vista Keely

B12305/95 RPSB


Rotherwood Footlight (imp) Twylands Troubadour
Rotherwood Peep-Show
Kibah Frivolity Unknown male
Unknown female

At approx. 15 hands with outstanding movement Don't Be Late will be an ideal small competition horse. She has inherited the trainability of her famous German Riding pony sire FS Don't Worry.The photos of her under saddle (below) were taken the day we collected her from the breaker (Damien Judd) in winter 2013 when she was rising 3. Needless to say Damien loved riding her as she was so balanced for a youngster.Della had a foal September 2014 and was put back under saddle March 2015.Up to date photos available.

There is information on Don't Be Late in the German Riding Pony section AND the youngstock section of this website. Some photos of her with her 2 week old foal are in the 'Home' section of this website.

Enquiries to Judy phone 0267671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A unique opportunity to purchase a beautiful correct filly that is expected to mature at 14 hands. An excellent riding prospect but her colour and size also make her ideal for a future breeding program. Charming Matilda is the first foal born in Australia by Black Charming WE (imp).

Matilda's temperament as a foal is amazing.We have never had such a inquisitive and confident foal at such a young age. 

Contact Judy on 0267 671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Born 7/11/2012 Matrix is full of presence and has good movement. Expected to mature ~14 hands.


Kingswood Magnet


Bay Welsh B Stallion

Owendale Pageboy


Croston Cufflink (Imp)


Owendale Brandy

Black turning chestnut

Owendale Magnifique

Chestnut turning brown

Croston Cufflink(Imp)


Owendale Honeysuckle



Peppertree Hill Rosette

Registered Australian Pony

Buena Vista Llewelyn

Findeln Chevron (imp)

Lidster Lucy

Bereen Kimberly Rose

Menindee Commissaries

Bereen Rose Garden



Click collage for bigger version!

Buena Vista Ailsa is a 4 year old Welsh B mare owned by Peter Daley of Tamworth. Ailsa has a connection to Mansfield Park Ponies because she is by Kingswood Magnet. In addition, Kate sold a 4 year gelding out of the same mare, his name was Buena Vista Angus (and photos of Angus can be found in the sold section of this website), so even though we have not broken and trained Ailsa we have monitored her progress with interest and we are happy to be associated with her.

Standing at 13.2 1/2 Ailsa would make an ideal young broodmare for a GRP breeding program or would make an ideal family pony. Because of her bone and substance Ailsa is plenty big enough for smaller adults to ride and is quiet enough for kids.

$4400- inc gst

enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0267671057

Peppertree Hill Rosette is a registered Australian pony born 17/11/98. We offer her for sale because we  now have 2 1st cross German Riding Ponies approaching breeding age and want to reduce mare numbers.

Rosette is a proven broodmare and goes in foal easily. Her 2010 foal Mansfield Park Quiz sold as a yearling because of her very sweet temperament. Rosette wasn't bred last season because we are reducing the numbers we join each year as well.

Rosette is priced to sell POA.

Contact Judy :0267671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rosette is 13.2 hands with 3 good paces. She is pictured below with her maiden foal Quiz.

This photo has been fun -photos like this just happen and you have to enjoy them when they arrive!

Pedigree of Rosette


Buena Vista Llewelyn

Findeln Chevron (IMP) Downland Chevalier
Maplewood Potentilla
Lidster Lucy Rotherwood Commander (IMP)
Romany Fey


Bereen Kimberly Rose

Menindee Commissonaires Rotherwood Commander (IMP)
Kirreway Eliza
Bereen Rose Garden Baringa Grey Chief
Bereen Rosehip




Northwood Glamour is a stylish 14.1 hand registered riding pony born 19th December 2003. Glam was purchased by Kate in 2008 when she was still recovering from a bad paddock injury. Prior to her injury Glamour had gone out and won champion pony hack at her first outing.

Glamour is for sale as a broodmare only.We have ridden her but her past injuries now make her lame. She would be very suitable to breed to German Riding Pony stallions but we are downsizing our overall breeding activity and Kate is at uni so it is the wrong time in her life to keep breeding.

Glamour has produced 2 terrific Part Welsh foals for us already and her 3rd foal is due in November 2012. Her maiden foal, a filly (born 24/10/10 called Mansfield Park Attraction) was purchased after weaning by Lise Hunt from Limbri and has gone on to be shown very successfully as a youngster. Her second foal, a colt (born 25/11/11 called Mylo Zyloto) is for sale and listed separately. Mylo is expected to mature at approx 14 -14.1 hands.

enquiries to 0267671057

Glamour is due to foal in November 2012 and this foal will not be for sale. Please note that should a purchaser wish to breed during this years breeding season we are prepared to manage the AI process in return for being able to keep her until the foal is weaned .

1st photo is her first foal by a Welsh B stallionphoto below is her second foal at the milk bar ;Glamour is a good mother and her foals have lovely temperaments


Born 15/12/09. By Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of registered Australian Pony Bareen Kimberly Rose.

Was sold to a home on the the coast but unfortuneately got 'itch' so the new owner has made the hard decision to resell him and we are happy to help with that process.

We wish his new owner Wendy from Brisbane all the best of fulfilling her dreams and we are pleased to find him such a nice new home.


archie_yr_collage_1 Very talented 6yo gelding by A’Seduction (born 27/10/2006) . Scored 7.96 and 1st place at his first outing in a 4yo class in 2010, also taking away the Official Preliminary Championship at the same competition. The winner of multiple Preliminary and Novice championships since, consistently scoring in the high 60's and early 70's.


Born 30/12/11 Memento is by the Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of the registered Australian Pony Bereen Kimberly Rose.

This is the last foal we plan to breed from Kimberly Rose as she is a grand 20 years old.Memento is a full sister to Macca and Rosalie and has a huge personality.

Will be registered as a Part Welsh


Contact Judy 02 67671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Born 25/11/11 Mylo is by the Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of the registered Riding Pony Mare Northwood Glamour.

Will be registered as a part welsh and his dam is a registered riding pony so he is eligible to be registered as a riding pony. Even though he is currently a yearling and growing Mylo's is clearly 'quality' and he displays the sweetest temperament to anyone who approaches. He can be caught, tied up and he has been on our truck and loads easily. Expected mature height is ~14 hands (his dam is 14.1hh and his sire is 13.3 hh)


Contact Judy :0267671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mansfield Park Rosalie was born 17/12/10. She is by Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of registered Australian Pony Bereen Kimberly Rose.

Rosalie is a full sister to Mansfield Park Maccadangdang and Mansfield Park Memento.

Her Part Welsh Rego number is PWM-6025

When she grows up Rosie is destined to be a harness pony pair  with her paddock mate Fitzy (Mansfield Park Fitswilliam).Indeed that photo bottom right hand side of Rosie's foal collage is a tail view of the pair and top right is front end view.


Born 8/11/10  Quiz is a bay filly by Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of Peppertree Hill Rosette. The distinctive white question mark on her head lead us to her name Quiz.

She is registered Part Welsh :PWM-6024

Contact Judy 0267 671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Born 13/10/10 Mansfield Park Fitzwilliam (Fitzy) is by Kingswood Magnet out of Buena Vista Ffansi Pants.

Born a plain chestnut, Fitzy has developed a very attractive flaxen mane and tail.

He has been purchased with his half sister Rosie (Mansfield Park Rosalie) to be a harness pair.


Born 14/10/10  Donald is by Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of a arab x welsh mare we call Donna.

Donald has a lot of presence and a beautiful temperament like his mother and is expected to mature around 14 hands (measured ~13.1 January 2013).



Contact Judy 0267671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Born 9th January 2011 Rochester is by Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of the 16 hand thoroughbred mare Dark Purpose.

He was a stunning foal and is expected to mature @15.1 or 15.2 hands (measured ~14.3 hands end May 2013) 

$1000- inc gst. The asking price does not reflect this geldings quality,we simply are focussing more on producing our German Riding Ponies.

Contact Judy 0267671057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kyng was broken in late 2009 by Barry Munt and then in 2010 allowed to grow up in the paddock with a group of youngsters. He was great to restart after his break and has been trained along in 2011 by Kate.


Buckskin Colt foal by GRP Cheval de Luxe (imp) out of Buena Vista Fyona :born 25/10/11


This is a stunning foal, the product of a carefully planned mating between a 13 hand Welsh B mare and a 14.2 1/4 hand GRP stallion to produce a foal that will be 'dressage pony' height that will have a trainable temperament AND movement. He's very attractive and its hard to fault his conformation , he moves well and has a sweet temperament and he is being given the thorough background training we give all our foals in catching, leading and tying up.

Kingswood Magnet is a registered Welsh B stallion (S-1908) born 1996. We purchased him in 2008 off Buena Vista stud in Manilla when we couldn't get some mares in foal using German Riding Pony frozen semen and AI and we used him over our maiden mares. He has done a good job here at Mansfield Park and we are proud to display his progeny but we are now going to reduce the number of mares we breed from and concentrate on breeding German riding ponies so no longer need him.

Buena Vista Ffansi Pants was born 2/8/2006.  Her registration number is M-14428 and is she is 13 hands and has good bone and plenty of quality for the show ring.

Beltana Sandman is a 16hh, 12yo Chestnut Gelding by Victorieux.

Training Prix St. George, competing Med/Adv, graded elementary. Established in all laterals, 3,4 and 2 times changes, and ½ canter pirouettes. Beautifully cadenced trot and very obliging and trainable temperament. Great competition horse, no fuss. Scored 66.8 and 67.3% in Medium at last official competition (July ’11), winning both Medium and Advanced Champion. Would make great mount for young rider or lady rider wanting a smaller dressage horse with training and experience. Regretful sale, rider going to university and reducing number of horses.

SOLD March 2011

Pegasus is a quiet and friendly young horse. With 4 white socks and a neat blaze, he is very attractive. Currently standing at 16 hands he is unlikely to grow much taller. Pegs has 3 good paces and good breeding behind him. His sire goes back to Salute and Domingo and his dam is by Salute out a thoroughbred mare.


Madonna's dam is Donna  and her sire is Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet (see him in the stallion section of this website).


Jacinta was born 1/8/2001 and is a registered Welsh B (rego number M-11758) by Downland Helmsman (imp) (deceased)(rego number S-458).Her dam Harwood Jacaranda has been a outstanding breeder for the Buena Vista stud. Jacinta is unbroken but good to handle and an excellent mother. Mascot,her first foal was born 10/11/09  is by our Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet.

SOLD - in January 2010

Angus will be starting a new chapter in his young life with a very deserving family. He is to be broken to harness in the coming year and will become a lead rein and pony club horse, among other things. We wish his new home the best of luck!

Angus is a 13.2 hh Welsh B gelding born 2005 by Downland Helmsman(imp) out of Buena Vista Aeisha (Welsh Registration Number G-6035)

Broken in at the beginning of 2008 by Kate and Leo, Angus is a delight to own with his relaxed temperament and lovely paces. He had his first outing late 2008, where he pleased the judges for score of 72 and 68.8%, and since then Kate has worked him lightly and given him time for his body to catch up to his mature and sensible brain. He made a successful debut as a Hunter Hack in October 2009, winning pony classes and reserve champion Open Hunter, and won his first open preliminary class at QDEC in November 2009 with a score of 67.7%.