Why Worry MP (aka Frank) turned 5 on the 28/12/14. He has aquitted himself extra well at the 2 unofficial and 3 official comps he has now competed in.This collage is made of photos from his first official competition in May 2015 at QDEC Championships where he was ranked reserve champion pony.






Heinrich competed at Tamworth Dressage Championships in April 2014 and scored 65.23% in the 1:1 (2nd place) and 68.70% in the 1:3 (3rd place).

The following video was taken July 2014. It was Heinrich's first test of the day at a new venue and this particular test (Official 1:3) scored 70.21 % and 2nd place. 



The following video was taken mid July 2014 working at home.



Heinrich is a very generous horse. He continues to help Judy refind more of her riding skills and riding confidence and attends some clinics competitions when possible. A delightful horse to have in the paddock and part of the riding team.



Buena Vista Brenin is a Welsh B gelding born 27/10/07 Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet. While Bren's unusual and distinctive sabino colour is a novelty, his bone and substance, paces suited to dressage and 14.2 hands size are his assets. Green broken in 2010-11 both under saddle and to harness he has only had intermittent work. Bren enjoyed being Judy's number 1 pony to ride while the German Riding Pony youngsters grew up.


16.2hh A'Seduction gelding (2006)

A'Raymondo, aka Archie, was purchased in January 2010 as a green 3 year old from his breeder Robyn Walsh of Scone.

Although sold now (to allow Kate to concentrate on her university study) Archie has given both Kate and Judy a lot more experience with riding and managing talented young horses.

16hh Warmblood gelding born 1999 - Purchased 2006-sold 2011

Kate and Sandy have competed to much success in the dressage arena at regional, state and national levels. The more notable wins of 2011 include:

  • 2011 Official Medium Champion and Reserve Advanced Champion of Namoi Horse Association
  • Winners of both the Official Medium and Advanced classes at Tamworth Dressage Club's Official Competition (April 2011)
  • 2011 Official Advanced Champion and Reserve Medium Champion of Quirindi & District Equitation Club
Perhaps the biggest achievement of the team of Kate and Sandman has been their transformation in the last 5 years from an inexperienced 13 year old girl riding a green 6 year old to a competent and competitive horse and rider combination training Prix St George.
I feel that Sandy has earnt a permanent place in the performance section of our website because he has had such a significant contribution to Kate's development as a rider and trainer.