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SONNENSCHEIN delivered a filly foal 4/10/14. The foal is more than likely black buckskin with a star and 2 white socks . The name Bertina is a German girls name meaning 'bright' or shining'.Her paddock name is 'Bertie'. We will confirm her colour via DNA anaysis in due course-it seems cruel to be removing tail hairs so early in her life ....

The sire is imported German Riding Pony Black Charming. It is exciting to have a foal from a GRP x mare we have bred ourselves and this foal carries some very famous and enduring GRP lines.Sonnenschein herself is by FS Champion de Luxe and Black Charming's sire is Black Dancer and grandsire is Black Boy.This cross is really capturing some very strong and impressive bloodlines.

This foal has been bred to sell. Expressions of interest are invited.Asking price $8800- 

Deposit to secure purchase then balance payable after weaning/on delivery.

Very reasonablly priced young horse agistment available.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Judy on 0267671057

More photos available!




Our first foal arrived safely.Don't Be Late (aka Della ) produced a very cute chestnut filly 19 September.The foal is by Kamilaroi Lord of the Manor owned by Moorlands Equestrian. Please note Della is for sale and will be available after she weans her foal (approximately March 2015) . Della unofficially measures 15 hands and 1/4 inch or 153 cm and is an AI foal by the legendary German riding Pony sire FS Don't Worry.





NORTHWOOD GLAMOUR has produced a stunning bay filly by German Riding Pony Cheval de Luxe. We have named the filly CHANTERELLE as Judy always wanted to link her work in the mushroom industry and the horse enterprise so naming a pony after a mushroom species seemed to be how to do it!???

Glamour was a successful hack before she was injured and has previously bred us 3 excellent foals and this one is perhaps the flashest!.(she is certainly the most extravagant).Cheval de Luxe has numerous offspring being shown successfully in Western Australia in led classes. Chevvy offspring are just starting emerge under saddle now and are defineately stamped by this beautiful sire.

$6600- .

Deposit to secure purchase then balance payable after weaning/on delivery.

Very reasonablly priced young horse agistment available.

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Glamour & Cheval de Luxe



BUENA VISTA FYONA (aka Molly) has had a repeat mating to the imported German Riding Pony Black Charming. We originally were not planning to breed this mare this year but when you have such a nice foal parading around in your paddock it is very difficult to think of reasons not to try for another copy!.This mare has also produced the 4 year old red dun gelding by FS Don't Worry (officially called Why Worry aka Frank ) , a 2 year old buckskin gelding by Cheval de Luxe (sold to Victoria) called Chablis de Luxe so we are very confident that the foal will be nice and will be 'underheight'.

This foal has been bred to sell. Expressions of interest are invited.

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Buena Vista & Black Charming

This is a fun photo taken April 8th, 2014 of Black Charming's owner Kristen Lyons (Charming ponies) meeting the 2013 foal. Once weaned this foal will live in Queensland with her new owner Helena Shanal.


Our stunning foal from the mating of imported German Riding Pony stallion Black Charming and the Welsh B mare Buena Vista Fyona has been sold to Helena Shanal.Helena will take delivery of her after weaning.



DON"T BE LATE (by FS Don't Worry) is currently 3 years old and has been leased to Moorlands Equestrian to breed a foal by the lovely riding pony stallion Kamilaroi Lord of the Manor.We have learnt not to assume that the maiden mares will go in foal easily and stay pregnant so we see this as an ideal arrangement to get Della past maiden mare status while she is maturing.


WHY WORRY : 4 year old German Riding Pony cross Why Worry (by FS Don't Worry frozen semen) is now progressing well under saddle. Judy's first rides have been 6 years in the making but the wait seems to have been worth it! He currently is ~14 hands and unlikely to grow much more although he looks as though his wither still needs to come up a little. 

BUENA VISTA BRENIN the 14.2 hand gelding of Welsh B has partnered Judy back to competing at some local competitions after ~ 6 year break. Brenin is by the Welsh B stallion Kingswood magnet who we stood at Mansfield Park Ponies in the earlier years of our breeding program when we were experiencing so much difficulty getting the mares in foal using AI. 





Our German Riding Ponies going beautifully under saddle:


More about Don't Be Late ->


More about Heinrich ->


More about Frankie ->

Florabelle has won her first competitions and she is not even weaned yet !

Our Knabstrupper x pony foal (aka The Spotted Princess) won the best foal photo and runner up best foal in the Hoofbeats Foal Brag Competition. Thankyou Hoofbeats for organising the competition and KER for sponsoring it.



German riding pony Heinrich at 4 year old...

matrixfoalcollage Rosette produced Mansfield Park Matrix November 7th.

His paddock name will be Matey and he is a healthy big foal, very correct in his conformation and full of presence.

Just how we like our foals!


Glamour excelled by presenting us with a stunning coloured filly November 13th.

The sire is the imported knabstrupper stallion Lori's Flash Point Af Lyn owned by Cayuse Sportaloosa stud located in Manilla.


and best of all the foals are friends and play together!

3 year olds Sonnenschein and Why Worry were good ambassadors for the GRP breed when they participated in a short demonstration segment on GRP's at the recent NSW Pony Championships. Thanks to Jenny Carrol for compering the segment and Scott Dowey for parading the gelding. It was a huge experience for ponies who don't usually live in stables and led to graze etc etc.

Why Worry(AKA Frank) was particularly settled considering he had never been to any kind of show before, reinforcing the desirability of the temperament that his famous sire FS Don't Worry seems to stamp on his progeny. Frank attracted his own special young fan club which was really cute to see.


Busy times here in Tamworth. We are preparing youngsters to take down to Sydney 13-14 October for a German Riding Pony display at the NSW Pony Championships and are currently trying to think strategically about the next phase of our horse enterprise.

heini-breaker-collage-1 Breeding is such a long term project it is a real milestone to have our first foal from our German Riding Pony breeding program old enough to be under saddle! And it is exciting to see his rhythm and paces under saddle and imagine how lovely he will be at maturity! Heinrich is approx 15.1 hands and has a soft pony temperament with horse length of stride!.

Click on the photos to enlarge and enjoy the ponies and autumn scenery at Mansfield Park Ponies...

random-looking   meeting-grps-march-12   wait-for-me

We have now weaned our 2 older foals. Check out the movement that Chablis de Luxe (as we now call our Cheval de Luxe foal) displayed during the process of separating the mares and foals in the second collage in his For Sale Listing. It will be a sad day for us when we dispatch him on the horse transport to Victoria (planned for May 2012) but a good day for his excited purchaser.

There are also some updated photos of Mylo and Memento in their respective sections in the For Sale section. Mylo's full sister Mansfield Park Attraction is doing well in the showring with her new owner Lise Hunt.



1. Buckskin Colt foal by GRP Cheval de Luxe (imp) out of Buena Vista Fyona :born 25/10/11

This is a stunning foal out of a 12.3 hand Welsh B mare by a 14.2 1/4 hand GRP stallion so nearly guaranteed that there are no overheight dressage pony issues in this youngster. He's pretty, moves well and has a sweet temperament.



1st photo taken at a few days old (showing the influence of the Welsh breed on head shape) and the 2nd photo taken at 6 weeks.

2. Our second foal this season is a part welsh colt foal by resident Welsh B stallion Kingswood Magnet out of registered riding pony Northwood Glamour: born 25/11/11

For Sale at weaning

Our 3rd and final foal for the season arrived 30/12/11 -a very cute and active filly foal that is keeping her 20 year old mother on her toes.We called her Memento as this is the final foal we will have out of this grand old mare. I took this photo below but it wasn't until I previewed it on the computer I saw the 2 year old full brother of the foal (Macca) in the backgroung checking her out.