One of the most recent breeds introduced into Australia has been German Riding Ponies. The development of the phenotype that is today known as the German Riding Pony (GRP) began over forty years ago, when German pony breeding associations saw the need to develop a larger pony suitable for national and international competition for children. Specifically, the GRP was bred to be a competitive pony in the disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing. The goal was to have sufficient size and substance in these ‘small horses’ so that adults could train them.

We embarked on our GRP breeding program when we had unexpected time on our hands in quarantine from EI in 2008. Kate researched the stallions on the internet and we started a VERY steep learning curve. We had a lot of disappointment and little breeding success using maiden pony mares, frozen semen and AI  but somehow perservered and eventually succeeded in producing some frozen semen foals including 1 by Hilkins Black Delight, 2 by FS Don't Worry and 1 by FS Champion de Luxe.

After all the expense and heartbreak of using frozen semen we happily changed over to fresh chilled semen from imported GRP sires and were very impressed with the progeny of Cheval de Luxe (imp) and Black Charming (imp) . In 2015 we took the hard decision to stop breeding before we got the chance to use some of the other stunning imported stallions in Australia.



Heinrich is by the stunning 14.1 hand German Riding Pony (GRP) stallion Hilkens Black Delight out of a 16 hand thoroughbred mare Dark Purpose.

Below is a link to Heinrich's sire Hilkens Black Delight

GRP Sire

Hilkens Black Delight

Branduardi M Black Boy
St.Pr. St Syrah Morbideli
At.Pr. St. Sira

Thoroughbred Dam

Dark Purpose

Encouraging Bletchingly
Dangarous Dan
Dark Dresser Koaru Star

The following video was taken of Heinrich working at home mid July 2014.



It wasn't until the 2008-9 season we were able to achieve pregnancies using pony mares and frozen GRP semen of FS Don't Worry and FS Champion de Luxe.These 2 stallions have been very influencial in the development of the breed and we feel very priviledged to have these two special offspring in our paddocks.


The pretty buckskin filly Sonnenschein who was born 26/11/09. The photo below was taken close to her 2nd birthday. She looks like she will mature around 13.3 hands so that will be a very handy size to use to breed to the GRP stallions imported into Australia as they all tend to be 'up-to-height' or 'over height'. Sonnenschein has many appealing characteristics but it is her specially nice trot that most people who see her remark on.


Even though being disadvantaged being ASPR classified as a yearling in January 2011 (as opposed to being a foal) we were also very happy that Sonnenschein ( AI filly by FS Champion de Luxe out of Princess) gained a creditable overall score of 77.5% for Preliminary First Premium status. She scored 78.5% for conformation and 76.5% for movement.Should anyone is interested I would love to show the photos of her at classification time compared to now. 

  Frank     Frank-Winter-2013-collage


Why Worry is a gelding by FS Don't Worry (by frozen semen) who was born 27/12/09.He is out of the Welsh B mare Buena Vista Fyona and looks like he will mature around 14 hands but when you see him animated and prancing around displaying the power and hock action he inherited from his sire, he looks big and quite imposing.





Our 4th German Riding Pony foal was born 6/11/10. Also by FS Don't Worry(by frozen semen) but this time out of a different mare. We call this very special filly Don't Be Late and her paddock name is Della.

January 2011 we participated in the ACE/Australian Sports Pony Registry Assessment Tour .

7 week old Don't Be Late scored 78.25% overall to gain Preliminary 1st Premium status. She scored 79.5% for conformation and 77% for movement.



Our 5th GRP foal was born 25/10/11. A buckskin colt by the imported stallion Cheval de Luxe out of the Welsh B mare Buena Vista Fyona, who is also the dam of Why Worry (aka Frankie)

Chablis de Luxe sold as a foal.